Each session is designed to cater to your unique needs at that time. Sometimes a highly therapeutic approach is necessary, while other times you may want or need a more gentle approach. Communication is critical to fine-tuning your personal time.

30 minute sessions: The perfect way to pop in, get critical hits on major points, and experience a stress-relieving release. Great for on the go needs. 200

45 minute sessions: A little extra time for a little extra care, with the benefit of a few minutes to spare. 250

60 minute sessions: A tantalizing full body experience. Head to toe relaxation with an exhilarating finish. 300

90 minute sessions: For those who want an exceptional time, with attention to every detail and time to meet every need with an extended finish. 400

Double your Pleasure, Double your Fun: Feeling adventurous? Book a 4 hand massage with myself and Sensual Violet. Violet is the epitome of sexy and sultry. A lovely combination of sensations that is sure to titillate you in every way.  One hour 500.  45 minutes 420.

After hours: After hour sessions are NOT available to first time clients. All after hour sessions are an increase of 50